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  • Electrochemical Marking

    Electrochemical Marking

    An electro-chemical process that etches a metal's surface. Used for part numbering text and logos. The Lectroetch electro-chemical etching system is ideal for marking metallic surfaces with a durable, long lasting mark.

  • Steel Stamps

    Steel Stamps

    Wagner produces a wide variety of custom and standard type, along with custom dies, stamps and die inserts to meet virtually all type and die needs. Interchangeable type is available with standard or custom typeholders to meet text and numeric marking needs.

  • Micro-Percussion Marker

    Micro-Percussion Marker

    A computer controlled, pneumatically actuated stylus that indents a material's flat, curved or convex surface. Used for part numbering/text, logos and graphics.

  • Laser Markers

    Laser Markers

    A computer controlled laser that removes material from a flat, curved, concave or convex surface. Used for part numbering/text, logos, graphics and decorative patterns.

  • Hot Stamping

    Hot Stamp

    A heated die that presses a colored foil against a material to fuse it onto the surface. Used for part numbering/text, logos and decorative patterns.

  • Contract Decorating

    Contract Decorating

    If your quantities don't justify purchasing a system Wagner Engraving offers contract decorating with Micro-Percussion, Laser, and Hot Stamping options. Call for options and pricing.

  • Branding Iron

    Branding Irons & Dies

    Branding Irons are an inexpensive solution when branding wood, leather, plastic, rubber, food, soap, wax, and other products, and for marking sand, cement, and other materials.

  • Impact Presses

    Impact Presses

    Manual and pneumatic impact presses provide the versatility needed in the manufacturing. Whether the need is marking, shearing, piercing, punching, forming, or stamping, the Mark First impact press will be the one machine for all your needs.

  • Roll Markers

    Roll Markers

    These compact inexpensive machines roll-mark characters accurately with even depth on most cylindrical parts. It can also be used to mark flat parts with a Roller Die.